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If an untimely event results in death or incapacitation, it is important to consider what will happen to your family. Have you ensured that funds will be transferred to family members, charities or trusts in a way that you wish? Similarly, if an untimely event has already occurred and you are pulled into the probate process, it is critical to take the ideal steps to best ensure financial success. We are ready to help you to arrive at an ideal resolution if you are facing either issue.

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With more than three decades of probate and estate planning experience, our lawyers at THE OFFICES OF THOMAS W. STOREY, APLC, are prepared to ideally help you and your loved ones make ideal financial decisions that preserve the will of the decedent in either of these issues.

The probate process is the legal proceeding that governs the transfer of a decedent’s assets to the persons or institutions entitled to receive them. During the probate process, when the circuit court oversees the administration of your family’s estate, we can do everything to ensure that all aspects are handled in accordance with the intent of your family.

Estate planning arranges for asset transfer (usually from an individual or couple) during life or at death. A proper estate plan can establish guardianship and addresses the issues of financial and health care-related matters in the wake of death or incapacitation. It may involve:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Advanced health care directives
  • Transfer of assets

Improperly planning for an estate can result in tens of thousands of dollars going to the state or improper people working on behalf of the decedent. We are here to help you ideally plan for your estate. After 2012 the federal estate tax is going to change, so it is crucial to understand everything and how it might affect your family and estate if you are undertaking estate planning.



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