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The formation of a business is the seed and foundation upon which operation flourishes. As such, it is critical that this foundation is stable, both legally and in terms of a business’s long-term needs and goals. One of the key considerations is jurisdiction — depending on the business’s nature, it may be necessary to form a California corporation, LLC or a limited partnership, to mention a few examples. From there it is possible to specialize further.

These decisions can be incredibly complex, but it is critical to choose the right area, file the correct documentation and correctly file with the secretary of state. An experienced lawyer from our El Centro office can help ensure that you undertake these processes ideally.

Imperial County Partnership and Corporate Formation Attorney

We at THE OFFICES OF THOMAS W. STOREY, APLC, have more than three decades of business law experience, and it is our goal to help you ensure legality and account for all consequences in business formation while minimizing all risks. Because we put a premium on our hands-on approach, we are able to understand all issues with which business professionals are dealing and help them take appropriate action.

We can advise and assist you with contract formation or review existing contracts or contracts in which you are contemplating signing and should you find yourself prosecuting or defending an action regarding your business, we have extensive litigation experience and are ready to advocate in your best interest.

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