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The process of ending a marriage can be complex, lengthy, and emotionally charged. Choose an attorney who will give your divorce case the time and attention it deserves and who will guide you step-by-step through the legal process. Our divorce attorneys have significant experience and knowledge that they are ready to apply to your case.
We help parents determine a child support plan and child custody and visitation schedule that keep in mind the best interests of the child. Find out more about child custody, visitation and support.
We deeply understand the personal nature of adoption and are committed to bringing a compassionate and empathic approach to grandparent, stepparent and individual adoption cases.
Sometimes divorces can take an extremely emotional and sometimes violent turn. If this occurs, a restraining order can be sought to protect a family member. If the order is established, the receiver may not be able to: Enter his or her house Gain custody or see his or her children Carry a firearm Obtain certain types of employment While we understand that a restraining order can be hugely beneficial, we also know that people sometimes seek out protective orders in an effort to gain custody or to hurt the their spouses. As such, we are ready to aggressively defend against these orders or to establish them, depending on our client's needs.
Spousal support (often called alimony) is calculated using a computer program and the determined amount is based on factors, including professional skills and abilities, assets and debts, and/or the extent to which someone gave up career advancement opportunities to raise a family. We can bring extensive experience to aggressively advocate for your financial best interests. Paternity — We are able to work toward establishment of paternity for both mothers and fathers to assert fathers' rights as well as to obtain child support.


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Since 1990, working to help people deal with difficult legal issues and get back to what matters — their lives.

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THE OFFICES OF THOMAS W. STOREY, APLC, serves clients in California in the cities of El Centro, Calexico, Brawley, Holtville, Heber, Calipatria, Westmorland and in Imperial County and Imperial Valley.

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